DEMAT were delighted to raise the awareness about the importance of having good Mental Health in their schools. In line with the Mental Health Foundation, the theme of the day was Surviving or Thriving? Over 20 schools took part in a fundraising day where all the children were invited to come to school dressed in purple. After an assembly, introducing the concept to the children, the day included a range of fun and interactive activities based around developing 5 key skills that they can use to keep their minds happy and healthy: Make Relationships, Be Active, Take Note, Keep Learning and Be Creative and Play.

With over 3400 children taking part we asked some of the children why it is important to think and talk about mental health. One child said “when you feel sad, but you can’t easily get out of that sadness yourself and you might need some help to do so.”

Jade Betts, Headteacher at Guyhirn said “we all thought the day was fantastic! And if possible would definitely like to make it an annual event. The children are still using the 5 to Thrive examples with each other!”

Emily Bedford, DEMAT Schools Effectiveness Officer, who led the day said ‘It has been a great privilege to have given our schools the opportunity to learn about keeping their minds healthy, to begin to equip children with the skills to enjoy life and deal with the challenges it presents. This has such an important place in children’s lives growing up today and we thank all our children, staff and school communities that took part.”

Download: Purple Day Press Release

Guyhirn - Wearing Purple to thrive