Local Governing Bodies

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What they are

Local governing bodies are committees of the board of directors and exercise whatever functions and responsibilities have been delegated to them by those directors.  Their functions and responsibilities are set out in a Scheme of Delegation for each academy school, available on our web site under the ‘Our Academies’ tab, where each academy school is listed.


The categories of local governor

Each DEMAT academy school has a local governing body, with seats reserved for the headteacher, the incumbent, staff, parents and General Members.  In most cases, the Diocesan Board of Education, any relevant Parochial Church Council and the Methodist District may nominate to the General Member seats, if there are vacancies.

Some academy schools share a local governing body.


We have over 204 volunteers who give up their own time to work across our academies because they want to improve outcomes for our children and make our academies be the best that they can possibly be.