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Life in our academies is varied and exciting. We offer opportunities for children to develop their sense of curiosity in a world that is constantly changing. They learn to be independent thinkers who can then make the most of all that life will give them. Each academy’s curriculum reflects their locality and context, but is broad and balanced so that it provides pupils with the opportunity to explore and share ideas.

Our academies are places where innovation is encouraged, so that both pupils and staff work to find creative solutions to the issues which affect them and their community.  Research and development is a key part of this.  DEMAT is instigating many projects on key issues that affect both the pupils and the staff.

Examples include:

  • Supporting Looked After Children socially and emotionally: this can then be rolled out to support knowledge and our understanding of pupils’ emotional needs across our academies
  • Supporting the professional development of staff by offering qualifications for administration and support staff in their roles
  • Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils

We seek to work in partnership with like-minded organisations who can further support and develop our children.



Our academies are places where all are inclusive and all are welcome. All are encouraged to discover their skills and talents by being given opportunities to do so.  Academies use a discovery-based curriculum that develops a sense of wonder at the wider world.  Academies have a programme of trips, visits and visitors which enrich learning and independent thinking.



Our academies are places where the expectations of learning and taking educational risks are fostered, leading to wanting to be lifelong learners.  Our academies are learning communities for all, where pupils, parents and staff work together and are challenged to be the best they can be.  Successes are celebrated, and talents are identified and nurtured.  A curriculum that is well designed and of high quality provides these opportunities.

Our academies work together to enable children and staff to share good practice and their expertise, to the benefit of all.