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Employer’s philosophy

Our employees tell us how much they enjoy working in DEMAT academies: indeed, regular consultations with our staff is something that we take seriously.  We have over 600 employees, from those leading, managing or teaching, to those delivering specialised technical support services, preparing and serving food, or running back-office systems. We ensure that each person is treated equally, and has a strong sense of being valued and ‘belonging’ to the DEMAT family – everyone has a critical part to play. We use performance management processes to ensure that all staff feel able to voice their opinion, and obtain feedback from others on their performance.  Such systems are regularly reviewed to ensure that remuneration processes and contractual arrangements remain fair and responsive to high levels of performance.


Professional fraternity

A key driver in the strong performance of our academies is the manner in which professionals work together on an equal basis to tackle the often difficult and complex issues facing everyone working to do the best for children and parents in academies. This happens in all areas of our work, from teaching and learning, leading and managing to the administrative and financial aspects of work.


Career opportunities

DEMAT is committed to providing high quality professional development, both centrally and bespoke to each academy. There is a termly programme of CPD, as well as special events to which all staff are invited. We want to ensure recruitment and retention by providing opportunities for staff to take up secondments and promotion across DEMAT.