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Educational philosophy

Parents and carers are the key in supporting pupils to succeed as learners, and we involve them as much as possible in their child’s school life.  All DEMAT academies have clear systems in place which provide parents and carers with opportunities to meet with staff, either as part of a planned programme of meetings or to discuss day to day issues.  We believe in building strong relationships so that difficulties can be resolved at an early stage, and both home and academy can work together to enable children to achieve their best.



Our academies serve the local community in which they are placed. Each academy website has information about its Church school ethos, curriculum and academy life, as well as information on how to apply to the academy and the latest admissions policy.

Most applications to our academies are made for entry in September to the Reception Year. Applications of this type are coordinated by the Local Authority in which the child lives.  For applications during the school year, please contact the academy.



All academies develop their curriculum to match local needs, but it is always creative and challenging. Details are given on academies’ websites (see our list of academies under the Our Academies tab).  We want pupils to enjoy their learning, and achieve well, so we encourage academies to include trips and visits and other experiences which support this.



We are proud that all our academies retain their Church distinctiveness, and that there is no distinction between standards and ethos.  Key to this is that DEMAT provides a high quality education for pupils of all faiths and none.  Many of our academies have achieved an outstanding rating in the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMs) and this is reflected in the overall results they achieve.