Maintaining a legacy, creating new traditions

We believe in the importance of continuing the legacy of Anglican Church education and the need to build new traditions as a DEMAT family.

Why is this important?

The Church of England has been providing education in England for over two hundred years; a number of schools in DEMAT are close to this age.

We have a duty as a diocesan Trust to maintain the legacy of the continued provision of high quality education by the Church of England in line with the strategy of the Diocesan Director of Education and Diocesan Board of Education.

Each of our schools have their own unique histories and identities and we must ensure that we preserve these characteristics.

We recognise that further growth of the Trust must both prioritise the preservation of unique characteristics of the schools and the continued development and alignment of the DEMAT family.

How will we achieve this?

3.1 Growing as a family

3.2 Celebration

3.3 Values and alignment

3.4 Givers and receivers of support

We shall respond to the needs of the schools in our community should they wish to join the Trust, providing they meet our own criteria.

Where we have the physical capacity within regions, then we shall seek to expand the hub system in areas such as finance, HR, and estates, due to the scalable nature of the model.

We are prepared, if necessary, to ensure the continued provision of high quality education, to review the structure and existence of schools if we have exhausted all opportunities to maintain the current status successfully.

We recognise that communication with stakeholders will be increasingly difficult and potentially disjointed as we grow in size. To ensure that all key partners are able to access appropriate and timely information we shall develop our online systems and presence and formalise the creation and distribution of our DEMAT newsletters, prospectus, and this strategic plan.

The work and development of DEMAT in raising standards and transforming lives, often in difficult circumstances, deserves to be celebrated. Our children also have a right to be part of that celebration and we shall develop Trust wide events in sports, arts, and worship for our children and their families to enjoy alongside their teachers and school staff.

Our core values of:

  • Love
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Ambition

are supported by the DEMAT Principles, a set of behaviours that allow us to demonstrate our values in what we do.

We shall ensure these values and principles are demonstrated across our schools, not as replacements for each school’s own values, but as an overarching guide for our whole family.

Our curriculum will echo these values and support the continued alignment of schools within the DEMAT family. Shared training days and Trust conferences provide opportunities for staff to work as part of a larger family.

We shall proudly share our best practice but acknowledge that we have much to learn from others as well.

We shall develop even greater links with other trusts, especially within Cambridgeshire and surrounding regions, to establish both formal and informal sharing of practice.

We shall engage in system debate at regional and national levels to ensure that we can use our experiences to shape the future system.

Our local churches and church leaders provide a valuable resource to our schools. We shall ensure that this resource is used effectively.