Children are at the heart of all we do

As a Trust, the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust believe that every decision should be taken in the best interests of children.

Why is this important?

While we have already achieved many successes, we are not complacent. We always seek to improve our performance, adapting to the changes and challenges we encounter.

Our vision is for every child to flourish, to be introduced to the richness of human experience and to understand and question the world around them. We will always have high expectations and seek to exhaust all possible solutions to support children.

There are many children, often those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged, but not precluding the highest-attaining, who require us to do more. We will support them by having the best curriculum, taught by well-trained education professionals. We want to maximise the achievement of every child.

Life-chances and life-choices are assured by access to a rich curriculum forming part of our DEMAT entitlement for all children. We recognise the value of a rounded, holistic education, built upon an aspirational curriculum underpinned by our Christian distinctiveness.

How shall we achieve this?

1.1 Rich curriculum

1.2 Quality in the classroom

1.3 Supporting children

1.4 Raising standards

How shall we achieve this?

All children are entitled to and shall receive a broad and balanced curriculum. They will secure a solid foundation in knowledge and understanding of the world and the vocabulary with which to describe it.

We will work across our schools to enhance our existing curriculum. Our curriculum will ignite a love of learning and rely on our leaders’ ability to promote excellence, explore spirituality, cultivate challenge and encourage all to embrace the struggle and joy inherent in learning. Learning must never be too easy or its rewards lose value and its comprehension lacks permanence.

All DEMAT schools will enhance their English and mathematics provision to ensure all children have this core knowledge, enabling them to access the joys of our curriculum. This curriculum will be: academic, well-sequenced, designed by subject-specialists and delivered by well-trained teachers.

Raising achievement rests on what happens in the classroom. Teaching is key to delivering this strategy, led by a carefully crafted curriculum. To this end, we will promote and share excellence through the development of subject communities and sharing evidence of effective pedagogy. And we will address any unacceptable variability, because all DEMAT children must receive the highest quality of education.

Our continued strong leadership of teaching and learning is a key factor in our success or otherwise. Trust-wide improvement requires that our leaders can accurately recognise any deficits and effectively gauge how to resolve them.

Teachers will have freedom to be excellent. They will provide regular feedback that enables students to recognise what they can do, what they can’t yet do and how they can improve.

We are fully inclusive and welcome all children.

To build further on this already strong provision, we shall establish a DEMAT Inclusion Network. It will offer a wide range of additional support including educational psychologists, speech and language therapists and mental health practitioners.

We shall continue to develop our expertise and the monitoring and intervention of all groups of students, and specifically for our most vulnerable students.

Continuing the improvement of performance and pupil outcomes in all year groups will remain our most important measure. This will assure that, academically, our children are ready to access the secondary curriculum in our neighbouring schools.

We shall ensure that we offer the highest levels of pedagogy in reading, writing and mathematics as well as in the broader curriculum. We know this is hugely important in developing cultural and personal capital in our pupils.

As a Trust, we will increase capacity to support headteachers in driving further improvements within their schools.

And we will work closely with both Diocesan and community schools within our localities to raise standards through collaboration.