DEMAT Special Educational Needs

Ensuring access to education, regardless of any learning difference or disability, and facilitating learning by overcoming any potential barriers.

This universal provision provides high-quality differentiated teaching and class-based targeted support with appropriately scaffolded learning for all children.

In our Trust: ‘Every teacher is a teacher of Special Educational Needs’ (SEND code of practice, June 2014), so CPD is available for all our teachers, focused on teaching approaches and pedagogy that helps them ensure all learners can access the curriculum effectively.

However, where a need is identified that requires additional or different support, schools will provide support and intervention in a graduated approach following an ASSESS-PLAN-DO-REVIEW cycle.

To help us ensure that we are meeting pupils’ needs using the most appropriate and effective approaches we are building a network of professionals, who are recognised as leaders and innovators within their field, to provide expert and highly specialised advice and training for staff, pupils, parents and carers.