The structure of the Board for DEMAT consists of the following:

  • Members (Five)
  • The Trust Board (Fourteen Directors)

Committees of the Trust Board include:

  • Finance and Estates
  • Personnel
  • Standards and Ethos
  • Audit
  • Remuneration

Our Board of Trustees are:

DEMAT Members

Peter Maxwell

Member/Trustee and Chairman of Board of Trustees

Alex Hughes


Paul Evans


Edwood Brian Atling


The Diocese of Ely Educational Trust (DEET)


DEMAT Trustees

Peter Maxwell

Chair of Board of Trustees

Keith Carne

Chair of Finance and Estates Committee

Mike Younger

Chair of Audit Committee

Mike Banyard

Chair of Standards & Ethos Committee

Hilary Wright

Chair of Personnel Committee

Chair of Remuneration Committee

Adrian Ball

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Read

Diocesan Director of Education

John Bradshaw

David Bridges


Wendy Garrard

Helen Jackson

David Lee

Robert Skelton


Teresa Stephens

Clerk to Trustees

Annabelle Evans

Company Secretary