Aspirational, yet sustainable

We believe it is important to ensure our high aspirations are supported by a sustainable approach to education, finances, and the environment.

Why is this important?

We face a number of uncertainties in the national education system which place the delivery of our strategic objectives at risk.

We must not compromise our high aspirations therefore we must further develop sustainable approaches to education, finance and the environment to mitigate these risks. Our family of schools have different needs to one another and we must protect their interests, and ultimately those of the children in their care to be able to provide a high quality education well into the future.

We have limited influence on the level of school funding we receive therefore we need to look at how we can ensure it is being spent to maximise the quality of education of our children.

We do have a greater level of control over our impact on the environment and can work across our schools to raise awareness of this.

How will we achieve this?

4.1 Financial health

4.2 Our environment

4.3 Operating approach

4.4 Compliance

The financial climate that we operate in has become significantly tighter in recent times: maintaining our model so that it remains fit for purpose will always be at the core of our planning. Furthermore, we shall endeavour to remain financially fit for purpose by developing forecasts and budgets where we are able to balance the needs of our schools at an individual level.

We shall ensure that education and operations remain aligned and engaged in the financial performance of the Trust through regular stakeholder reviews with clear and concise financial reports. We shall also review our performance frequently and seek to be as productive as possible, developing (where relevant) procurement services to make sure that we direct as much of our revenue as possible to high quality frontline services.

We shall work with our schools to promote awareness of our impact on the environment and support ideas to minimise this.

We shall support the use of sustainable resources from our suppliers and seek to include environmental impact on our tender documentation. It is the right of every child within our Trust to learn in an environment that is healthy, compliant and ultimately fit for purpose.

We shall utilise the expertise within our Trust and create additional capacity so that we utilise, and where necessary create, a compliant framework to access the marketplace making our capital expenditure meet the needs of as many schools as possible.

We must be prepared to evolve our operating models to ensure we are well placed to meet the needs of our Headteachers and their schools. We shall develop a scalable, efficient model which provides high quality support to our schools in combination with clear, precise management information.

We shall ensure that we identify and realise the synergies that can be achieved across our schools in all of our deliverable functions, including education, finance, HR, and estates. We shall invest in our IT infrastructure and systems to minimise administrative burden on our staff and maximise the learning potential for our children.

Being compliant with statutory guidance is obviously critical to our success. We shall seek to ensure that we obtain the best value for money in all of our projects and not allow bureaucratic processes to obstruct our commitment to give our children the very best education. In seeking to ensure compliance in internal, as well as external, policies we shall develop further our compliance function providing compliance checkers and dashboards to measure the impact of our work.

Our risk register will be developed as an iterative process. Working under our Articles of Association we shall aim to support as many children as possible whilst never placing our existing academies at potential risk. Our live risk register will link to key performance measures which will be made available to our responsible committees.