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Executive Pay Statement

DEMAT is fully committed to ensuring that pay and benefits across the Trust are fair and consistent, supporting retention and engaging our staff to deliver high quality education within each of our academies.  All pay decisions are in line with our Trust policies and fully adhere to the STPCD for all applicable positions.  Any pay related decisions are based on objective criteria and are not subject to any discriminatory influence.  These principles apply to our Executive team and, as such, our Remuneration Committee plays a key role in setting executive pay within reasonable and justifiable parameters.  Robust monitoring takes place to ensure that we comply on an ongoing basis.  We therefore continue to fully and readily disclose our Executive Pay levels, reporting on an annual basis within our Financial Statements that can be found on our website.  Our current status is as follows:

Executive Pay – For the 2020 to 2021 academic year, the number of employees whose employee benefits
(excluding employer pension costs) were between £130K – £140K was 1.