Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 

At DEMAT, we pride ourselves on providing a rich curriculum and putting children at the heart of everything we do.

We do this by ensuring we deliver on our core values and principles, which make up our Strategic Plan. 

Our Strategic Plan is spread across four core strands.

These are: putting children at the heart of everything we do, keeping close to the work, maintaining a legacy and creating new traditions, and being aspirational, yet sustainable.

Our Strategic Plan sets out our vision for DEMAT towards 2025.

Our Core Values and Principles

Our strategic plan will be delivered through four core strands, all of which are underpinned by our Christian distinctiveness.

  1. Children are at the heart of all we do
  2. Keep close to the work
  3. Maintaining a legacy, creating new traditions
  4. Aspirational, yet sustainable

Core Strand 1 – Putting children at the heart of everything we do

We believe every decision should be taken in the best interests of children.

DEMAT wants every child to flourish, to build friendships and to understand and question the world around them.

We will always have high expectations and we will always seek to exhaust all possible solutions to support children.

Core Strand 2 – Keep close to the work

DEMAT believe our staff are key to providing our pupils with the very best education possible.

Staff should be enabled to teach without distraction and leaders, at all levels, should develop their understanding of what is happening in the classroom.

This will help them to empathise and understand the challenges staff face and to develop strategies to assist them.

We know strong leadership is about valuing the work staff do and to support them every step of the way.

Core Strand 3 – Maintaining a legacy, creating new traditions

We believe the importance of continuing the legacy of Anglican Church education and building on new traditions.

This is achieved by growing as a Trust, responding to the needs of our schools and sharing and developing our links with other trusts.

Core Strand 4 – Aspirational, yet sustainable

We believe it is important to ensure our high aspirations are supported by a sustainable approach.

DEMAT will ensure our operations align with the financial performance of the Trust while promoting awareness of using sustainable resources.

We have limited influence on school funding so need to ensure it is being spent to maximise the quality of education.